Compassionate Skincare - Why we are 100% vegan and what that means for your skin!

With the world turning to sustainable and compassionate consumption as we try to make less of an impact on the environment, our skincare can be a great step in the right direction! Wanting effective and compassionate skincare is well within your rights (and our furry counterparts) as we step towards a conscious planet!

We at Skin Health Science are committed to making skincare that is 100% vegan and natural, delivering the best that nature has to offer in skincare, backed by science. 

What does 100% Vegan even mean?

Having an 100% vegan skincare range means that NONE of our products are tested on animals, excludes animal ingredients, animal by-products, and animal derived products. So you won’t ever see beeswax, lanolin, and honey (we think you’re sweet enough) on our ingredient lists!

And given that we absorb 60% of the products we apply to our skin, we have been extra cautious when developing our unique AND ethical formula. 

So … when you use Skin Health Science you are using products free from synthetics, preservatives, chemicals and toxins. Which means, that big list of NO NO’s are nowhere near YOU (which is a big yes in our books).

If you’re still not convinced, then jump onto our website and look at our Learn About Your Skin Page and pick the best skincare system for you!

Happy cruelty free shopping!