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Is Serum your friend or foe?

You’re not alone if you are scratching your head on what on EARTH serum is and if it’s for you! In fact, according to Google, ‘skin serum’ has seen one of the highest increases in search queries this year alone! 

So, we are here to set the record straight!

Serum is your night time warrior, working while you sleep! For maximum benefits, you want to apply it to your skin after cleanser but before your nighttime moisturiser as this allows all that anti-inflammatory goodness to get to work at holding in moisture, boosting collagen restoration, and helping combat the harmful effects of the daily sun's rays, that pesky ageing foe.

One thing to keep in mind however if you are making the gorgeous leap to this beauty essential, is that although serum is our anti-ageing warrior - Rome was not built in a day, and depending on the serum you are using, your skin may respond differently.

Now to the question, is this skincare solution for you? 

Yes, as long as it is for YOUR skin! Our REM Serum is fit for all skin types from acne prone, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, and oily skin - the powerful mix of Vitamins A, B & TetraPeptride 30 leave your skin rested and rejuvenated.

Got any more questions about Serums? We have the answers, so get in touch today!