; RP Moisturiser: How to age gracefully with Skin Health Science

RP Moisturiser: How to age gracefully with Skin Health Science

Anti-ageing products are constantly flooding the beauty and skincare industry, claiming to transform your skin (and wind the clock back ten years after one use) with no real scientific proof or actual effectiveness. 

These anti-ageing myths often turn people away from skincare when consulting their anti-ageing options. But there is a way to use skincare effectively in order to help reduce the signs of ageing. Trust us.

We believe in skincare - skincare that is scientifically formulated to achieve results.

Our RP Moisturiser is one of our most effective products designed to combat the effects of ageing skin. Reduce the impact of cellular ageing with our natural DNA-enhanced formula designed to reflect harmful UV radiation, protect the epidermis, and enhance your body’s natural enzymes in regulating the cycle of your skin cells. (1)

This blend contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide, which soothe and protect against premature ageing. By creating a physical barrier to UV ray absorption, these ingredients inhibit the free radical cascade induced by extreme radiation. This rich moisture balancing formula instantly hydrates and calms the skin, providing you with a youthful radiance. (1)

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OR, if you want a comprehensive yet simple skincare regime that will help achieve your anti-ageing goals, and save you time and money in the long run (say goodbye to your complex min 6 product routine)...shop our Anti Ageing Skin System! It is a package of four products (yep, that’s all you will need, trust us), designed to minimise the effects of ageing while also providing your skin with all the other benefits and nourishment it needs. 

For more info, check out our Skincare 101: Back to Basics guide or book an online consultation with one of our specialist registered nurses for professional advice on how to be your best skin!



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