What to expect from your skin when you’re expecting

So you’re expecting! Congratulations, now let's get down to skin care because you’re working hard making a life, so let your skincare work for you. 

Pregnancy brings hormone changes that you would not see coming to wreak havoc on your skin (like that's what you need right now). It can appear in many different forms, from acne, to dry patches, to pigmentation, and while trying to battle these new found skincare challenges safely is paramount, you don’t want to spend every hour of the day applying toners, serums, masks and scrubs - that’s what makes our pregnancy skin system the PERFECT option!

Our system works for pregnancy because it is founded in nature! 

The key to pregnancy skincare is avoiding products that have derivatives of retinol, salicylic acid, and intense products with over complicated ingredients would be the best when stepping into the pregnancy skincare world. 

Our four step system includes the RP Moisturiser, Vita Cleanse, Pro B3 Formula and BC Moisturiser which work together to give your skin the care that it deserves day in and day out throughout your 9-month journey.

For best results we recommend you use your RP Moisturiser in the morning to start your day followed by your Vita Cleanse, Pro B3 Formula and BC Moisturiser in the evening before getting those well earned z’s!

And while giving up your normal routine and bringing a whole new set of products into your life can be daunting, keeping it natural, simple, and clean is a great step to treating your skin the way it deserves on this journey to motherhood.