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  • The Beauty & The Geek -Simplifying SKINCARE REGIME. I’m always looking for the next best, simplified skincare regime that gives me the results I’m looking for without having to use 17 products everyday. Especially now that my new career has demanded so much from me these last couple of months... View Post

    Not a day goes by where I don’t chat about the importance of a gentle cleanser. In fact, while a lot of people may think that cleansing doesn’t really matter in a skincare routine – “because all a cleanser does is just wash down the sink”. I am a HUGE proponent of NO it doesn’t just wash down th... View Post
  • LISTEN: Mamamia reviews our REM Serum on YouBeauty Podcast

    Listen to Amy Clark & Kelly McCarren from Mamamia talk all things REM Serum. View Post