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Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are YOUR physical sun reflectors.

Minimise the impact of normal cellular ageing with our natural DNA-enhanced blend. Reflect harmful UV radiation to protect your epidermis, enhancing the body's natural enzymes in regulating the cell cycle. 


 RP MOISTURISER: 18% Zinc Oxide & 18% Titanium Oxide.

Optimal cutting edge DNA repair and protection. Immediately calms heated, atopic skins. Assists wound healing and barrier fortification. Compounded with platinum calibre Zinc 18% for ageless skin. This vital nourishing, tightly knitted mesh helps to calm and guard against premature ageing, creating a physical barrier to UV ray absorption. The free radical cascade induced by extreme radiation is inhibited. Complete youth restoration complex with superior, silky feeI and intense moisture balancing instantly hydrates and soothes creating youthful healthy radiance.

This powerful emulsion is designed for assist in restoration of barrier function and re-organising optimal lipid structure, hydration levels and sebum balance. Its moisture retention benefits assist in reducing dryness, itching and burning. Contains a potent concentration of medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid, biomimetic phytosterols and phospholipids that dramatically boost the skin's resistance to inflammatory free radical aggressors greatly reducing sensitivity. 

Skin Type: Appropriate for all skin types including sensitive. 

Application: 2 Pumps onto fingers and gently press onto skin liberally as needed to hydrate, protect and soothe. Can be used PM as last step as anti-inflammatory night moisturiser if needed. 

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