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About us

Established by nurses; guided by science Twin sisters, Nurse Jess and Nurse Sam, founded Skin Health Science when they saw a gap in the market for reliable, scientifically-backed skincare that actually worked. With a background in emergency nursing, both Jess and Sam have gone on to specialise in cosmetic nursing, completing their Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) making them experts in the field.

Skin Health Science

We care

Natural Australian skincare products

 Skin Health Science is dedicated to bringing skincare back to basics. Using the latest
in research, evidence-based practice and science, our team of specialised nurses
and cosmeticians harness the power of natural wellness, to let your skin glow from
the inside out.

We use natural Australian ingredients that have been tried and tested so we know
they work. Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and available on Afterpay.

Your skincare success is our success

 Our patients tell us that they struggle to manage their skin concerns despite using
multiple products and treatments. We want to simplify the process, educate you on
the basic needs of your skin health and nutrition, and use your skin’s natural ability to
heal itself to get great results.

Online skincare consultations available now

 No matter where you are, we can offer you an online skincare consultation so you
can get the best advice and the right products to address your skin concerns. As a
valued client of Skin Health Science you get access to our Specialist Registered
Nurses to ask your Skin Questions.


“Looking and being your best at any age is achievable.”