Founders Nurse Jess & Nurse Sam with a background in emergency and cosmetics, have come to specialise in cosmetic nursing and are currently completing their Masters of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner. 

Being nurses we care about the patient journey and wanted to ensure every opportunity for treatment success when addressing skin concerns. 

Experience tells us that patients struggle to manage their skin concerns despite utilising multiple products and treatments. We wanted to guide them on simplicity, educating them on the basic needs of skin health and nutrition, utilising the skins ability to heal itself.

Skin Health Science is dedicated to bringing skincare back to basics. Using the latest in research, evidence based practice and science, our team of specialised nurses and cosmeticians harness the power of natural wellness, to let your skin glow from the inside out.

Our formulations include ingredients best supported through evidence based practice, to support and regulate your skin.

Being from the Northern Territory we love nature and pride ourselves on ensuring our products are as natural as possible.

Research shows that relapse in skin conditions can often be from the inability to maintain a regular skin care routine. We achieve this by providing the skin the nutritional support it requires so it can respond promptly to signs of inflammation. Keeping it simple means compliance and long term consistent results for our clients. 

Nurse Jess

With 12 years’ experience, as a Registered Nurse Jessica has built the fundamentals needed to provide the best possible care, ensuring patients receive the necessary information they need to make educated choices. Seven years spent specialising in cosmetic nursing, her previous roles and experience include working with Brisbane’s Leading Cosmetic and Laser Clinics and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine, has meant Jessica has developed a sound knowledge base of nursing principles in cosmetic nursing and clinical development of skin care.

As an advocate for ongoing professional development, Jessica has completed her graduate certificate in cosmetic nursing and regularly attends professional master classes. Jessica has completed a Masters: Nurse Practitioner, where she has developed key skills and knowledge in skin health and nutrition. This helps to ensure clients are provided with the latest advances in skin health, helping to support the skin from the outside IN.

All aspects of our bodies require nurturing to promote optimal health, and the skin is no different. Jessica says, “It is through education and awareness that I base my foundation of practice.” As a registered nurse and patient advocate, her role is to promote “prevention is the key”, supporting treatment solutions using evidence based practice. This ensures patients embark on a journey that promotes skin health and facial harmony. Her strong focus on each client’s needs is apparent in the personalised service she provides through Skin Health Science’s website that provides clients access to Specialists Registered Nurses to ask your Skin Questions, via an online platform at

Jessica lives by three principles: honesty, caring and being authentic. She says, “I ensure my clients are aware of all possible treatment options, expected outcomes. I work by the philosophy, ‘treat your patients the way you would treat your family’.”

She understands that ultimately, we all want to feel good. For Jessica, nurturing clients, helping them to look and feel their best, and increasing their confidence is the ultimate reward.

Jessica’s work in emergency medicine and cosmetic nursing has taught her the importance of life’s simplest pleasures, and she firmly believes that this understanding is an essential element in ageing gracefully. “Bring Skin Care Back to Basics”

Nurse Sam

Samantha, a Cosmetic Nurse Injector, with over 11 year’s nursing experience within the healthcare industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Cosmetic and Skin Care industry.

Over the years, Samantha has embarked on a Journey into Cosmetic Medicine and it is here she has found her passion for facial rejuvenation, anti-ageing and facial aesthetics. Prior to nursing in cosmetics  Samantha worked in Emergency Medicine for eight years building her foundations for expectational patient care. Samantha has completed a Masters of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner and It is through this that Skin Health Science was born. 

Samantha believes that by connecting beauty with science and developing a clinical platform for skin care, we are able to provide client’s skins with the nutrition it requires to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Through industry experience and having completed a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Critical Care, Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing and currently completing a Masters of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner Samantha has developed in depth knowledge of the skin and the requirements needed in relation to ensuring active delivery of skin care - Connecting skin RESTORATION with STABILISATION. 

“Looking and being your best at any age is achievable.”