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Cosmeceuticals vs. Off-The-Shelf: What’s the difference?

Cosmeceuticals vs. Off-The-Shelf: What’s the difference?

 Product formulation is one the core differences between standard off-the-shelf skincare products and premium cosmeceuticals. But what does ‘cosmeceutical’ actually mean?

 All SHS products are cosmeceuticals. This means that they are scientifically-developed products, that have proven, evidence-based active ingredients, at the correct strengths to support and regulate the skin. 

 Cosmeceuticals are designed to treat and support many different skin concerns, including photo ageing (premature ageing caused by UV exposure) and acne.

 Take a look at the range of SHS products to learn more about our formulations:


  • Carbo Cleanser
  • RP Moisturiser
  • REM Serum

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