Congratulations! You are in one of the most exciting times of your life! During your pregnancy you may experience some changes in your skin.

Changes that are common are: 

Melasma – ‘The mask of Pregnancy’, a common hormonally influenced pigmentation.

Oily Ance Skin – Hormones are changing and with this so does your oil flow. 

Most often than not once your hormones have settled after breast feeding a lot of the above concerns may resolve naturally and on their own. 

We don’t recommend going to extremes with trying to correct these problems during this time. As you will discover you are limited in what you ‘can & can’t do’.

It is important to provide support which will help regulate and possible reduce the severity of your symptoms. A simple skin care routine is essential to support the skin, and to help you feel better about the changes.

We recommend the same routine when treating pigmentation and acne during pregnancy. In this routine you are providing the safest ingredients during pregnancy to assist with regulating oil flow, increasing cell turnover, reducing inflammation and inhibiting pigmentation. This is achieved primarily through the application of Vitamin B3, (niacinamide) at night. 


ONE STEP: Morning Routine

1. RP Moisturiser: 1-2 pea size amounts, warmed up in your finger tips for even application over the entire face, neck and décolletage. Great as a makeup primer!

Reflect and protect moisturiser for its hydrating support, less sweat factor and ability to reflect harmful UVA and UVB rays through Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide. This is particularly important for melasma prone skin during pregnancy as reflecting harmful rays and heat helps to reduce the over production of pigment within the skin. Light weight, non-comdogenic, zinc has great anti-inflammatory properties to help improve acne.

THREE STEP: Evening Routine

1. Vita Cleanse (normal skin) or Carbo Cleanser (oily skin): 1 pea size amount, lather with a small amount of water on your fingertips, cleanse face, neck and décolletage. Rinse.

An enriching combination of vitamin B and vitamin E, helps to sooth the skin, or reduce oil and improve congestion with the powers of charcoal. 

2. PRO B3: Strictly pea size amount onto finger tips and then evenly dispersed over face, pat a small amount under your eye as your eye serum. Continue step for your neck and décolletage.   

The PRO B3 serum provides a key powerhouse to your skin cells. Vitamin B, works to repair and regulate the daily damage to your skin while you sleep at night. Vitamin B as a powerful anti-inflammatory helps to reduce reddened and inflamed skin.

3. Barrier Complex Moisturiser: 1 pump onto finger tips, combine both hands to evenly distribute product over each side of the face. Continue for neck and décolletage

Packed full of peptides the barrier complex promotes collagen production and hydrates with its unique combination of hyaluronic acid. Light weight the BC moisturiser is non-comdogenic.

Treating acne means we need to address the hormonal influence of excess oil production, increase cell turnover and reduce potential skin bacteria leading to inflammation.

Hormones are difficult to target with topical skin care and skin treatments so in this situation we recommend a holistic approach and speaking with a great naturopath who can help with interventions to target your inner health.

There are lots of people who are knowledgeable but we do recommend utilising people who are specialists in their chosen fields and naturopaths are the specialists in the natural approach to inner health.

Please ensure you research about their experience in pregnancy and take any advice in conjunction with what your obstetrician has recommended. Your obstetrician’s advice takes precedent over all other advice.

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