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Product Formulations & Why They Matter: Moisturiser Myths & Magic Ingredients

Product Formulations & Why They Matter: Moisturiser Myths & Magic Ingredients

A product’s formulation is key to achieving measurable, long-term skin benefits that you can see and feel.

 Formulations are why many skincare products do not have the effect that you expect.

 If your skin is dry for instance, the first thing you may do is reach for a moisturiser, but these are often ineffective.

 This is because many moisturisers have formulations that cannot penetrate the old cell top layer of the Epidermis, instead they ‘sit’ on the skin, which provides no lasting benefit or hydration to the Epidermis as a whole.

 Excessive use of moisturiser can even slow down your body’s natural cycle of renewal and exfoliation, impairing the skin barrier. This can lead to skin issues such as dryness – exactly what you are trying to solve in the first place - and sensitivity.

 Many moisturisers which claim to be anti-ageing are similarly ineffective, because the ‘hero’ ingredient is simply too low in concentration, or the product molecule formulation is too large to get through the old cells of the top Epidermis layer.

 This is why it is important to pay attention to skincare product formulations and ingredients.

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