Which Products To Choose For Your Skin

Which Products To Choose For Your Skin

 Skincare selection can be confusing, even if you know which key ingredients to look for.

 At Skin Health Science we have done all the work for you.

 Our skin scientists have taken skincare back to the very basics of skin function with just three products – cleanser, serum, moisturiser – with an optional Konjac sponge for cleanser application.

 Our products are scientifically-formulated to mimic what your skin does naturally, using exactly the right concentrations of skin-essential ingredients.

 Giving you healthy and regulated skin everyday.

 The SHS range:

  • Carbo Cleanser
  • REM Serum
  • RP Moisturiser
  • Konjac sponge

 Learn how to apply our products like a skincare professional in our handy Video Tutorials