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Pregnancy Skin System

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When you’re pregnant, nothing is more important than giving your body the natural, safe, and clean care that it needs. Our Pregnancy Skin System is specifically designed to do just that. Featuring four unique products from our line, you can give your skin the care that it deserves day in and day out throughout your 9-month journey.

Get started with the SHS Pregnancy Skin System. In this bundle you will get the following 4 products:

1. RP Moisturizer
2. Vita Cleanse
3. Pro B3 Formula
4. BC Moisturizer

AM Routine:
1. RP Moisturiser

PM Routine:

1. Vita Cleanse

2. Pro B3 Serum

3. BC Moisturiser

For more information on how to use your SHS products head to our Skinformation section.

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