But Really... Can Pore Size Actually Be Reduced?

We hear a lot about pore size, particularly through products that promise to make our pores smaller.

Fact: You can’t actually shrink your pores.

The size of your pores is mostly genetic, but they get larger with age and sun exposure as the skin loses elasticity and your pores dilate. Smoking also dehydrates your skin causing your pores to dilate due to lack of nourishment.

Although you can’t make them smaller, you can minimise their appearance on your face.

Staying healthy and using SPF are vital steps in keeping your skin healthy and thriving.

In addition, regular treatments such as exfoliation, micro needling and using Retinol are some of the ways in which you can minimise the appearance of pores, as they stimulate collagen in the dermal tissue making the actual opening of the pores smaller (sorry, you can’t actually close your pores either).

These treatments don’t have long term effects, so continual use is necessary to regulate this minimised pore appearance.

But having larger pores isn’t necessarily a bad thing! All skin is beautiful and unique, it’s just about treating it well and taking good care.

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