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The Caryl Edit is a beauty blog all about skincare aesthetics and minimal beauty. She recently tried our products, read excerpts from her review below.

SKIN HEALTH SCIENCE: A Three-Step Skincare Routine

I am constantly trying and testing out new skincare products, slowly introducing one product at a time but surely will create a new skincare routine. I have been incorporating a simple 3 step skincare routine with Skin Health Science, a local NEW Australian brand. Founded by nurses Jess and Sam (twins), both have a background in emergency and cosmetics as they embark on completing their masters in Nursing as Nurse Practitioners. From their experiences of seeing patients struggle with managing skin concerns and the use of multiple treatments and products—Skin Health Science is all about bringing skincare back to basics. Using best practices, research and science to help support and regulate skin.

Continue reading to learn more about my morning skincare routine.

rem repair serum 30ml $159*

The REM repair serum contains potent concentration of high-grade actives such as retinaldehyde, tetrapeptide 30 and vitamin b3 to help restore each skin layer and improve functioning of skin barrier. It can also protect against dehydration, collagen degradation and from free radicals. It’s a 3-in-1 cosmeceutical formulation—a powerful inflammatory serum to aid in boosting body’s natural collagen, help to undo harmful UVA and UVB solar radiation affecting skin everyday. This is suitable for beauties with all types of skin including dry, dehydrated, sensitive, acne and oily types.

As I have a weakness for face serums, this was the first out of the 3 products I introduced into my skincare regiment. It has a light consistency, yellow in colour but melts into skin quickly that is non-sticky. No colour transfers. I used this in my night time routine exclusively for 2 months and my skin have improved more than I realised. I no longer have a dull, dehydrated skin, instead my skin feels soft, supple and glowing (like a pregnancy glow) for days that appears healthier than before. It has also helped to minimise the appearance of large pores and post acne spots around my chin area. When my skin suffered through irritation and dryness all winter–this my friends has been an ultimate skinsaver! I have been obsessed with this serum that I never want to finish it. So yes you can say this has been an awesome discovery and one I highly recommend you try.

rp moisturiser 50ml $115*

The RP moisturiser is described as a light-weight moisturiser that has been designed to protect and restore a healthy balance to skin. The moisturiser is infused with natural jojoba oil and aloe to help soothe and relieve any irritation. This can be used both day (before stepping outdoors) and night (last step into regimen). This is suitable for beauties with all types of skin including those with sensitive skin types.

This was the final step I kept delaying just from reading other people’s experiences with using this moisturiser. It steered me away from using it until I caved in. It hasn’t been long that I have been using this moisturiser, a good few weeks, and all I can say at this point is that it’s pretty lightweight, but rich. I found that I needed to work with it so I also massage it down to my neck. I enjoy that it feels comfortable on my skin and keeps my skin hydrated. It’s easy to apply and compared to other physical sun reflectors I have used, it’s got a smooth texture and not gritty.

This is my morning moisturiser that I have on rotation, but so far a very pleasant product that I don’t have any qualms about.

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