The Science of Skin Repair: Why Everyone is using a Microneedle Eye Patch

Written by Jessica Matthews

Do you want a fast and effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles underneath the eyes?

The Microneedle Eye Patch is a must have product you should add to your skin care range.

Did you know that fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin are the first signs of ageing and are not always permanent? This is because they develop in the upper layers of the skin.

A micro needle eye patch, embedded with the correct ingredients, can help reduce damage to the epidermis underneath the eyes. Apply our Microneedle Eye Patch before going to bed and let it work its magic

How does it work?

Our Microneedle Eye Patch is a game-changer in targeting the thin
layer of skin underneath the eyes. The patch is coated with thousands of
micro needles and a regenerative base layer. Each needle contains our
revolutionary anti-ageing compound. The microneedles make tiny
pathways into the skin, allowing the key ingredient to disperse into the
damaged cells. At the same time, tissue repair is being accelerated by
the regenerative base layer ensuring fast and superior results.

Let’s have a look at our anti-ageing ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid (microneedles) – Increases the skins affinity to
water which helps to maintain a high moisture content. The added
moisture improves skin elasticity and visibly reduces the lines
caused by dry ageing skin.

The HLA also stimulates the skins repair mechanisms in the form of collagen production and remodelling. This results in an improved appearance of the skin, smoother lines and a decrease in pigmentation irregularities.

Hydrocolloid (base layer) – Has treated skin conditions in the
health industry for years. Embedded in the patch, its powerful ability to promote healing, ensures the skin is protected from infection.

This is achieved by stimulating a moist environment for
tissue repair.

If you would like to try our Microneedle Eye Patch, get in touch with us today!

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