REM Serum

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3 Active serums in 1 cosmeceutical formulation.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B & TetraPeptide 30 help to assist in leaving your skin each night rested and rejuvenated. A powerful anti-inflammatory serum to aid in boosting your body's natural collagen restoration, while helping to undo the harmful UVA and UVB solar radiation that affects our skin every day.

This powerful combination of key active ingredients is designed to help restore barrier function, assist in controlling sebum to help regulate excess oil production, skin lightening and skin hydration. This serum contains a potent concentration of cosmeceutical actives that are essential for health cell metabolism.


Apply sparingly (pea size) at night only after cleansing to face, neck and décolletage prior to moisturising. For improved results use charcoal SHS cleanser prior to ensure excess oil and dirt has been removed from the skins surface. 

Skin type: Dry / Dehydrated / Sensitive / Acne / Oily / All.

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