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Beauty blogger Emily from Why Hello Beauty doesn’t just write blogs, she also has a flair for getting juicy exclusives interviewing inspirational businesswomen and influencers. She recently shared her experience using SHS products, see what she had to say below.

Review | Skin Health Science Skincare

You know how sometimes you see something once on your internet scrolling, but then it just pops up all the time from that moment on? Skin Health Science is just that – it’s literally been in my Instagram feed and stories for weeks now. When an email popped up in my inbox a few weeks back with an invitation to trial the first products, it was a no-brainer of course. The cosmeceutical brand debuts with a simple three-product range – Carbo Cleanser, RP Moisturiser and REM Serum – with each product containing evidence-based active ingredients at the correct strengths combined with scientifically-backed natural powerhouses to support and regulate healthy skin.

Enter three new products to my skincare routine;

Carbo Cleanser – an activated charcoal cleanser
REM Repair Serum – to improve functioning of the skin barrier
RP Moisturiser – for protection and restoration of a healthy balance

Created by twin sisters Samantha Hair and Jessica Whalley, both cosmetic nurses with extensive backgrounds in emergency medicine, Skin Health Science aims to simplify skincare regimes across the globe. Working in their own aesthetic-focused practice, the nurses had become disillusioned by the unnecessarily complex array of skincare treatments on the market, many of which did not contain strong enough actives to create clinically significant results. “We also found that many brands that did offer potent enough ingredients were selling each cream or serum separately as if only one active ingredient could be used per product. It really doesn’t need to be so complicated, so we decided to simplify it ourselves,” Sam explains.

“We used clinical research to combine priority key actives into our three-step range; everything your skin needs is in there – and it’s suitable for both men and women and all skin types,” adds Jessica. “Skin is designed to protect you from the outside world, if you don’t feed it the basics of what it wants it won’t accept anything you offer it, no matter how expensive or beautiful the bottle of lotion is. It is a clever and powerful organ, with the exception of more complicated skin conditions, the general rule is that if you feed skin correctly, it can work out the rest for itself.”

Given all I had heard, I began to slowly incorporate these products into my routine, beginning with the REM Repair Serum, then moisturizer and cleanser. Within a week and a half, I had all three products on my skin daily – zero reactions or irritations – and inspired by seemingly everyone downsizing their skincare routine, I decided to reduce my routine to just these three products, a makeup removing cleanser and sunscreen, save a sheet mask or two. This started off great guns and my skin seemed to enjoy the break from scrubs, vitamins, retinol etc, but after a week or so of this, I was finding my skin felt extra dry and quite flaky, and the RP Moisturiser was leaving a white cast to my skin that appeared as dry skin. NB: I’m told by the experts that this is quite normal, and that skin could get quite dry and flaky after about two weeks of usage as the skin purges and renews, but this should settle after a week or two. I reduced the amount I was applying but ended up deciding my skin just needed a little more than these three products could give on their own. I then re-introduced exfoliating pads every few days, and a few serums and a heavy-duty night cream which helped considerably. *It’s worth nothing that while the moisturiser isn’t advertised as an SPF, the zinc and titanium dioxide within do provide good protection for your every day use (like to and from the office etc), but I did apply an additional SPF over the top if I was outside for an extended period of time.

After a month or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that;

a) I adore the cleanser as a deep second cleanse, and will purchase this one;
b) I’m thrilled with the effect the REM Repair Serum has on my skin – instantly too I might add. Another I would purchase;
c) I’ve popped the moisturiser back in my cupboard to try re-introducing it back in the warmer months, as it’s just not enough juice for my skin.

I was surprised I actually liked the cleanser as it’s foaming one and generally they’re too harsh for my easily irritated skin, but I honestly loved the way it left my skin feeling, fresh and clean without any ickiness. It’s easily washed off with water and the charcoal component wasn’t overpowering or anything – big thumbs up. Ditto for the serum, a beautiful beautiful product that works instantly to give a fresh glow to the skin, but I could definitely see myself using far too much of this as it’s that good. I was mindful to only apply each product sparingly as per the instructions, but this is one I just want to bathe in. As I said, I’ll give the moisturiser another go when my skin could use a lighter approach to skincare, instead of writing it off all together.

The packaging for this range works a treat, being a pump jar/ applicator, and looks even better in my bathroom. Interestingly, skin therapist Belinda Hughes is a fan of this range and it’s clear to see why. Basic skincare, and a great philosophy. Stay tuned for a new hyaluronic acid-based moisturiser release from the brand very soon, it sounds amaze!

Emily x

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