You Ask, We Answer: The Pill & Skin Breakouts

In this series, we will present a genuine question we received from a customer, along with the answer we provided in the hopes that this can help someone else on their skincare journey.

Q. My skin has changed a lot over the last two years, after I stopped taking the pill. I always had the most amazing flawless skin. Now I get more and more acne and whiteheads. The congestion is all over my face, jaw and neck, but mostly forehead. I was wondering what the reason for this is and how to get rid of them.

A. It sounds like hormonal changes are occurring in the body after ceasing taking the pill which in turn is causing your breakouts.

The first step is to try and control your cell turnover and oil production. The aim is to increase the cell turnover in your skin to prevent your pores from becoming blocked with skin cells and possible bacteria which in turn is adding to the severity of your breakouts.

We recommend using active ingredients in the form of the REM Serum to start to regulate your skin back to its natural state, and increase the cell turnover. Our REM Serum has three very powerful ingredients which will be essential in assisting with this regulation process.

The first essential ingredient is Vitamin A (2% Granactive Retinoid). Vitamin A is the powerhouse of the skin and will help regulate the messages the cells send to each other for repair. It is powerful for congestion and will regulate oil flow and is the ultimate for anti-ageing.

The second essential ingredient is Vitamin B (aka Niacinamide). Niacinamide is also an anti-inflammatory ingredient which will help to reduce the inflammation and redness of your skin when experiencing these breakouts.

The third ingredient is a derivative of Azelaic acid. This ingredient is very good for assisting in lightening and brightening of the skin and creating a more even skin tone. It is especially very good for people that have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne scarring, pigmentation or melasma and will assist in lightening this concern.

In clinic treatments you can look to include, Salicylic peels are the best for acne, your skin needs to be regulated prior and will require clinical assessment prior to undergoing this treatment.

If the active acne is under control, skin needling ideally to a depth of 2.0mm can help to reduce pores, in turn reducing the potential for further blockage, whilst also treating any scarring.

Treating acne is a journey the first step is trying to control topically, and then moving onto clinical treatments if regulation isn't achieved within approximately 6-8 weeks.

Topical zinc based moisturisers will help again to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Liaising with a naturopath can help to target aspects of diet that may be contributing to the outbreaks. For severe cases assessment by a dermatologist is recommended at post six months of consistent home care.

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