You Ask, We Answer: Melasma While Breastfeeding

In this series, we will present a genuine question we received from a customer, along with the answer we provided in the hopes that this can help someone else on their skincare journey.

Q. I would like to start a good routine to help combat my Melasma. I am currently breastfeeding and know I can't use Vitamin A, retinol. I also recently had microneedling done.

A. Melasma is a pigmentary condition often triggered by Hormones and or heat. Generally when you reduce the contributing factors, and it is likely hormones in your situation, the pigmentation resolves significantly on its own.

Skin needling is the perfect treatment for melasma as many other treatments such as peels and laser can potentially increase the pigmentation. We do suggest a medical grade skin needling by a registered nurse or doctor as they are able to go deeper into the skin. Melasma will often sit deep in the dermal layer of the skin.

Treating to 2.0mm depth will assist in lifting and lightening the melasma more effectively. Skin needling is safe, more affordable and you get the added benefit of natural collagen production and anti-ageing benefits.

Utilise a zinc based moisturiser or sun protector as research suggests due to the reflective capacity, it helps to prevent melasma more than other sunscreens. You can continue with the skin needling as you will always obtain benefits from the treatment.

Something to consider, though, is that we often recommend waiting approximately six months after you stop the cause of the pigmentation - in your case breastfeeding - before you start your active treatment journey to treat it.

Treatment should start once the causative factor has been removed and the pigmentation has been given time to resolve spontaneously. We like to treat only the residual pigmentation as this is when treatment is most effective. Treating while still under the influence of the causative factors particularly hormones means you will sort of sit at a similar position as hormones is something we are unable to stop, and pigmentation may still develop.

Melasma is a type of pigmentation that may represent, so after breastfeeding we recommend starting on the REM Serum as this has 0.5% Vitamin A and Vitamin B 5%, both potent at inhibiting the production of pigmentation.

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